Kenyan McDuffie

For DC Attorney General

As your Attorney General I will fight back against powerful interests who take advantage of vulnerable residents. I will ensure that justice is fair and that it is never discriminatory. I will use every tool available to rid our streets of illegal guns and restore public safety. The law promises equality in housing, health, employment, education and elsewhere; I will guarantee those rights for you.

Principles and Vision

Thurgood Marshall told us, “Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out.”

As a boy growing up in D.C. I saw my peers stripped of their rights and treated like criminals simply for being black. Our environment was degraded and neighbors were forced from their homes. Qualified people were passed over; the opportunities they worked for and earned got handed to others. Resources intended for all often benefited only a few.

Today I still see too much that is wrong, unequal and unjust. Too many people struggle. Too many people have no access to opportunity.

The powerful and greedy cheat the system at the expense of those with the greatest needs.

Injustice in its many ugly forms must be confronted.

Our campaign will put forward my priorities as Attorney General and present a detailed discussion of the issues we must address. The list is long, because with each victory for equality comes another challenge to justice. Economic opportunity, public safety, health, voting rights, education, the environment, housing, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, senior’s rights, ethics and integrity in government, and much more will be on our agenda.


About Kenyan

Kenyan R. McDuffie was born and raised in the Stronghold neighborhood of the District of Columbia. Today, he resides there with his wife, their two daughters and his mother in the same home where his grandparents raised their family.

In 2012, Kenyan was elected to represent Ward 5 on the D.C. Council. He was re-elected by landslides in 2014 and 2018. Throughout his nine years on the Council, Kenyan has established himself as a skilled legislator and coalition builder.

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As Chair of the Committee on the Judiciary, Kenyan oversaw sweeping updates to District law including comprehensive juvenile justice reform that ended the use of solitary confinement, life sentences, and indiscriminate shackling of juveniles in court. Kenyan also created the police body-worn camera program, including a fair process for video footage to be made public. Kenyan passed the innovative Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results Act (NEAR Act) which reforms the District’s criminal justice system by incorporating behavioral and mental health professionals into tasks previously performed by law enforcement officers. Kenyan also championed “Ban the Box” legislation that eliminated the use of discriminatory criminal background checks in housing. As well, Kenyan passed legislation to end the unfair use of credit history in hiring.

Currently, Kenyan McDuffie serves as the Chairperson of the Committee on Business and Economic Development.

Before being elected to the Council, Kenyan worked extensively in the legal and public safety fields. He served as a trial attorney for the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice where he conducted investigations and managed complex cases regarding federal civil rights statutes. During his tenure at DOJ, Kenyan also worked to reform the policies and procedures of police departments.

Shortly after graduating summa cum laude from Howard University, Kenyan began his career in public service working in the U.S. House of Representatives. He went on to receive a Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland School of Law, where he served as an editor of the Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class.

Kenyan’s career also includes serving as a law clerk on the 7th Judicial Circuit of Maryland, working as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Prince George’s County and serving as a policy advisor to the District of Columbia’s Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice.

As a young man, Kenyan worked for four years as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service and at the National Zoo where he scooped ice cream to the delight of visitors.

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When we work together and stand united as equal participants in this great Democracy we cannot be defeated. Together, we will rise. Please join us.


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